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Various office equipment. From printers to plotters.


We act internationally. We also deliver or buy in your country!


In Hamburg, Berlin, Alicante, Madrid, Thenerife, Niamey and Accra

25 years of industry experience


S.O.S Smart Office Systems GmbH is a Hamburg-based trading company specialising in the export of copiers, printers, multifunctional devices, plotters and other office equipment.

There is something special about us. Something that sets us apart from the rest. And that something is the fact that we’re one of the very few companies in the industry to have been awarded ISO certification.

Our management system has been certified by Bureau Veritas to be in conformance with DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

ISO Certification

A continuous improvement of the implemented processes in quality, environment, occupational safety, data protection and risk management.

25 years of experience

In the purchase and sale of important office technical elements. We strive for quality!

Quality Assurance

In general, each device is assessed under a clearly defined quality assurance system. Quality of the devices is our first priority.


We offer our products and services internationally. You can reach us not only in Germany.

Why we are your supplier!

Product portfolio

As a wholesaler our portfolio ranges from simple workplace printers through flexible multifunctional devices to professional production equipment. We offer a huge variety of products across a wide range of brands and manufacturers



Multifunctional devices

Production equipment

PCs, laptops, monitors

Accessories and consumables